April 19, 2009

Step Up Sunday

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I weighed myself this morning and I was:



March 29, 2009

Step Up Sunday

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I am so discouraged I weighed myself and I am:


March 24, 2009

Leslie’s Step Up

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Leslie’s Weight : 213.5

March 8, 2009

Step Up – Week 1

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The  first week has wrapped up and this is how we did.

Leslie – 217.8

Leslie – I’ve been doing atleast 45 minutes of cardio a day plus light weight training. I’ve also continued to eat a little less and a lot healthier

How did you do this week?

March 1, 2009

Step Up Sunday’s

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Now this is a little scary. We have never said our weight out loud let alone on a blog. We figure the first step to losing weight is to just accecpt were we are at and move forward. After all we are doing something about it. So here goes our first weigh in.

Leslie – 221.8

If you have a blog you can share your weight, using the link below. If not, please let us know your weight and or how your weight loss is going in the comment field. After all, we need all the inspiration we can get. Or if you are having a weak moment maybe we can help you get out of your junk food funk.