May 11, 2009

Me in my New Joe’s Jeans

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So this weekend was not my healthiest.  I went out on Sat and drank entirely way to much, then at 2:30am I had two slices of pizza.  Then Sunday I went to the movies and had 3 buffalo wings and about 10 curley fries.  It was so good, however today I feel like crap.  I spent an hour and a half at the gym today, and I plan on doing at least that tomorrow.  I ate really good today though.  As promised, I posted a picture of me in my Joe’s Jeans.  I love them so much.  Let’s just hope that they don’t fit me for long.  I am planning on loosing 30 more lbs by August.  Wish me luck.


May 7, 2009

Eating Light

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Now that it has been hotter outside and summer soon approaching, eating lighter is the key.  I started making breakfast in the morning and bringing it to work.  It is so quick and easy.  I have been getting a big container of vanilla fat free yogurt, fresh strawberries and granola, and making my own parfait. It is so yummy and filling.

May 4, 2009

I am so Happy

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I haven’t abounded this website.  I have had so much going on lately.  I am in the process of moving.  It has been so stressful.  Through it all I have stuck to working out and eating healthy. I am happy to report that I have concurred one of my goals. Are you ready for this……. I went to the Camarillo Outlets and I was checking out the new Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, and I decided to try on a pair of Joes Jeans. I thought to myself, what the heck, so I grabbed a size 32 (the biggest size it comes in) and to my surprise they fit.  I was so excited, I started crying in the dressing room.  This totally inspired me.  Now, I can’t wait for those jeans to be baggy on me.  One day this week I will post a picture of me in them. 

Have you hit any of your personal goals?

March 31, 2009

My New Boyfriend

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So as you all know my boyfriend Bobby is fighting the war in Afghanistan for over a month now.  So for over a month I have been seeing a new man.   He works me out, he make all of my muscles sore, and even though I get so mad at him I continue to go back day after day for more.   I know some people have obsessions with drugs, alcohol, or maybe even an animal.  I have found my obsession with him.  No matter what city I am in he is always there.  He doesn’t talk back to me, and the best part is- I can take all of my aggression out on him and he just asks for more.  I mean who could ask for anything better?

Who is that man I am speaking of? Well I call him Mr. 24, however I think you know him as 24 Hour Fitness.  =)

On a more serious note, the gym has helped me with so much.  I think know without the gym I would have been at home this past month crying and upset with worry about Bobby, and although I do still worry a lot. The gym has allowed me to channel my fears and all the B.S life has to offer sometimes and put it to some good.

Bobby – If you are reading this.  Don’t worry, when you get home I will make time in my life for both of you.  I love you and can’t wait for you to get home safe to me.



March 29, 2009

Dear Diary

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I know I am not suppose to loose every week, however I worked out so hard this week.  I was at the gym 6 days.  I ate right. Well with the exception of Saturday. 

It can just get so frustrating working toward something and not seeing instant results.  I know what you are thinking…. “It has taken her all these years to put on the weight and now that she is finally trying to loose it, she want it gone all at once.  ” Yes,  I know it can’t be that easy, but is asking for 3 lbs a week to much to ask for? 

On the flip side, when I first started I was a size 20.  About a week ago I needed to get some pants that actually fit me.  Well to my surprise I went to the regular section (not the plus size) and I was able to fit into a size 14.  I was so excited, I even did a dance in the dressing room. 

I am hoping by the end of this week I will be down to 209 lbs.  I am going to up my cardio to an hour every day and continue my weights and ball exercises.  I will let you know how it goes.

Please feel free to share your stories.

March 24, 2009

It’s Been awhile

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Hi Guys,


I know it has been awhile since we have done regular posts.  My laptop was shipped yesterday so I should have it anyday now.  Once I have it, I will be posting everyday.   I have been so good. Working out once or twice a day and eating right. Feel free to share your stories with me.  I know I am not alone in this fight against extra weight.  Talk to you soon.

March 6, 2009

I am still here

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Bobby and I


 Hi everyone,

I have been getting a lot of texts and e-mails, asking where my diaries have been.  I am so sorry.  I sent my laptop to my boyfriend in Afghanistan and I am waiting until I get my new one.   So within the next week or so expect my daily diaries again.  =)

Just to keep you updated.  I have been so busy at work that sometimes I feel I can’t even think straight, however I have been able to keep up with my daily workouts.  Last night for instance I ended up going to the gym at 9:30pm and didn’t get home till 11:45pm.  I was so proud of myself.

I can’t wait to weigh in on Sunday.  I know all my hard work is going to pay off. 

Talk to you soon.

March 3, 2009

Monday Maddness

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Today was so hectic for me.  I woke up at 4:45am left my house at 5:30am for what came to be a long and hectic work day.  I started working one day a week at our office that is two hours away.  So by the time I got back to my city, it was well after 6:00pm.

I did not feel like going to the gym, however I dragged myself there and I turned up the volume to my Ipod, and as I listened to Jay Z I did cardio for 45 LONG minutes.  Then when I was finished I felt so good about myself that I pushed myself further and I did weights and sit ups.  I finally got home around 8:30pm and I can’t wait to go to bed. 

Talk to you tomorrow.  =)

March 1, 2009

March 1st.

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So let me tell you a little about what is going on in my life.  I have already lost almost 30 lbs.  It has taken me about 5 months, granted I was not always on my best behavior.  However, I was always aware of what I have been putting in my mouth (good or bad).  It is a constant battle I have with myself everyday.

Okay,  so this was a very hard weekend for me.  This past week I have had car trouble, my boyfriend left for war, and I have been bickering with some of my friends.  Normally, what I would do in this situation is eat my sorrows away.  I would go to the closest Cheesecake Factory and order an appetizer, dinner, and dessert.  See I love to eat.  So if I am happy or sad the first thing I do is think about food.  I know this blog is going to motivate me to keep loosing the weight.

As far as today goes.  I was so excited.  I couldn’t get enough of the gym.  I didn’t let anything stop me. My battery died on my i pod and had to use my sisters (we do not listen to the same type of music). While I was working out and thought I couldn’t take one more minute,  I turned up James Blunt’s song ” Your Beautiful” and I finished my cardio.  I felt so good about myself.  I will definitely have my ipod charged next time.   =)