March 31, 2009

My New Boyfriend

Posted in Leslie's Diary at 10:10 pm by lesliegirl


So as you all know my boyfriend Bobby is fighting the war in Afghanistan for over a month now.  So for over a month I have been seeing a new man.   He works me out, he make all of my muscles sore, and even though I get so mad at him I continue to go back day after day for more.   I know some people have obsessions with drugs, alcohol, or maybe even an animal.  I have found my obsession with him.  No matter what city I am in he is always there.  He doesn’t talk back to me, and the best part is- I can take all of my aggression out on him and he just asks for more.  I mean who could ask for anything better?

Who is that man I am speaking of? Well I call him Mr. 24, however I think you know him as 24 Hour Fitness.  =)

On a more serious note, the gym has helped me with so much.  I think know without the gym I would have been at home this past month crying and upset with worry about Bobby, and although I do still worry a lot. The gym has allowed me to channel my fears and all the B.S life has to offer sometimes and put it to some good.

Bobby – If you are reading this.  Don’t worry, when you get home I will make time in my life for both of you.  I love you and can’t wait for you to get home safe to me.



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  1. Angela said,

    That’s soooo cute!!!!

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