March 29, 2009

Plus Size Model

Posted in Gossip at 7:16 pm by lesliegirl


Are any of you fans of Americas Next Top Model?  Let me just tell you that I have been watching it and it makes me so mad that they want to call Kortnie Cole a plus size model.  Don’t get me wrong, Kortnie is a beautiful woman, however she is not a plus size person.  It makes me so mad to think that young girls are watching this and thinking that an average size women (who by the way looks great in a bikini) is plus size.  It just makes me so upset that we all watch this and think that we need to be smaller then her to be considered a “Normal Weight”. 

Just the other day I was in the car with my friends 14 year old daughter.  She was saying how her pants got wet and she had to borrow a friends pair of jeans.  She was complaining that her friend was overweight and the jeans were way to big on her.  She went on to say that her friends pair of jeans was a size 3 and she usually wears a 1 or a 0.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  When did a size 3 become overweight?

I seriously think we need to all re-evaluate ourselves and love ourselves for who we are.  What I am in the process of doing is eat  healthier,  loose weight, work out, have a long lasting life, and be able to shop anywhere I would like. 

Whatever shape, size, or weight you are, remember to always love yourself and know that you are beautiful.

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  1. Lara said,

    Leslie – I totally agree. I can’t believe Tyra would call this a “plus size” model. This girl is anything but PLUS size. UGH makes me mad!!!!!!!!

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