March 1, 2009

Here’s the scoop!

Posted in Gossip at 3:35 am by skinnygirldiaries

Gosh, doesn’t a bowl of ice cream sound really good about now? lol just kidding, but now you see what we go through daily.  We are two sisters on a mission.  No it’s not to see who gets the best pair of shoes at the Nordstroms half yearly sale, it is for us to lose weight and FINALLY be able to keep it off.  NO MORE fad diets.  We are both striving to lose a considerable amount of weight and we are doing  it the old fashion way.  Yes, we said it “old fashion”…Eating healthy, portion control, and yes even working out.  We are starting on March 1st, 2009.  We will have daily work out updates.  Step Up Sunday’s (Weigh in day).  Tuesday’s Tips (Any tips we find helpful). Last but not least, we will have Fast Food Fridays (Quick Healthy meals, snacks, or desserts).  Of course we will also be sharing our thoughts along the way.  Stop by often, share your stories with us, and maybe  WE will lose weight together.

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