March 1, 2009

12 Hour Fasting Everyday

Posted in Gossip at 4:13 pm by skinnygirldiaries

It’s much easier than it sounds.. We saw this idea over at Gwyneth Paltrow’s new lifestyle website Goop. Which, we love by the way.. Basically whatever time you stop eating in the evening is the same time you can start eating in the morning (example: finished dinner at 8pm, wait until 8am to have breakfast). The Thinking: 8 hours to complete food processing plus four to allow for detoxification..

Do you do this? What do you think? Fad diet or Healthy Lifestyle?

Leslie – Actually, I think that this is a pretty good idea.  Only problem is? “Does this mean I have to wait to have my morning coffee?”

Heather Paige –    I have never thought about this but think I could start doing it. I say healthy lifestyle and or good rule of thumb when possible..

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